Bakersfield Real Estate Investors Meetup Group


Find out about the next meetup here:

This group is a great place to meet other investors and real estate professionals for our monthly networking meetup. 

About our group: People in our group, network and do deals with each other, and make a lot of money! Our group is all about networking with others. If you have an interest in real estate investing, flipping, wholesaling, buy & hold rentals, building wealth, loaning you own money, partnering with others, or just want to learn from other locals, this group is for you!

We openly welcome everyone and encourage everyone from newbies to seasoned pros to attend our meetings!
Bring a friend and pass this invitation along to anyone that could benefit from networking with others about real estate investing.
Our meetings are always free. There are no speakers selling expensive training or pushing products. Please plan on ordering food and drinks from the establishment that provides us the venue.